Advisory Board

Alan Reiner

Alan Reiner is the core developer of Armory Bitcoin Client, a popular alternative wallet application focused on security for heavily-invested Bitcoin users and businesses. It was the first and only Bitcoin wallet application to make “Cold Storage” (offline wallets) accessible through an intuitive user interface that doesn’t require being an Bitcoin or Linux expert.
Alan has two degrees in applied mathematics and one in mechanical engineering, and additional background in statistics, artificial intelligence, and cryptography. He has spent the past seven years developing image & video processing algorithms full-time for missile defense applications in the US, and spent the last 18 months also developing Armory in his spare time.
Alan originally got involved with Bitcoin as a miner then later realized that he had a perfect background for developing Bitcoin applications and could make a plethora of features available that were missing from the community. Armory’s goal is to not only pioneer the most advanced functionality of the Bitcoin network, but to make it easy for regular users to access it.
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