Advisory Board

Dr. Niklas Järvstråt

Dr. Niklas Järvstråt has been working in international research projects since 1987. After receiving his Ph.D. on high temperature behavior of metals in 1994, he was employed by Volvo Aero Corporation and served as senior scientist until 2002.
At Volvo Aero, he was responsible for methods development in engine component life prediction and directed the creation of a quality system for life prediction calculations. Since 2001, he has been senior lecturer at the University of Trollhättan and Uddevalla, focusing on research in material affecting manufacturing processes. He is also Vice Chairman of UTMIS – the Swedish Fatigue Network, and national representative for the European Structural Integrity Society (ESIS). Dr. Järvstråt has been invited to speak at technology management conferences and published papers on Lunar colonization, metal plasticity and life prediction methodology for aero engine components.
Dr. Niklas Järvstråt organized Literati, a company involved in developing software for modeling the thermal, metallurgical and mechanical behavior of metal, as well as, research into lunar colonization and exploration. And he is currently coordinating the Moon-ISRU effort, aimed at assessing and structuring the manufacture process requirements for self-sufficiency on the moon.
Moon-ISRU is a research proposal that has reached abstract endorsed status with the international organization, IMS. Dr. Järvstråt is a member of ILEWG, Norwegian Astronautical Society, The Moon Society, Artemis Society International, Artemis Society Europe, Chalmers Aerospace Club, Space Studies Institute and MENSA Sweden. He is an active member of the IAA Moon-Mars committee’s subcommittee on lunar development, frequently contributing to the Lunar Base Quarterly. He presented Building a Self Reliant Moon Colony at the 25th Annual International Space Development Conference.