Advisory Memorial Board

Lou CasaBianca

Lou CasaBianca is Executive Director/Founder at the Academy of Metaverse Arts & Sciences | Metaverse Academy. He is also a Certified CERT First Responder at CERT — Community Emergency Response Team, Executive Producer | Writer | AR Developer at First Survivor Resilience Solutions: CPMI + WiseGuides + Second Life, Author/Editor-in-Chief/Publisher at FiRST SURViVOR™, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher at New Paradigm Media, Executive Producer at Virtual Green Festivals, Chairman/CEO at GRiDAVERSE | ViRTUAL WORLD BUiLDERS, Executive Director at Green Island Group, and Writer/Producer/Director at Banksternomics, and Producer/Director/Editor at Virtual HowWeird.
The communication arts & sciences are how we learn, grow, work, and play. Immersive virtual worlds and the expanding metaverse of cloud-based wireless anytime–anywhere augmented reality communications are designed by and for people who want to explore new ways to use 3D entertainment and social media to learn, do business, and tell captivating great stories.
Lou enjoys collaborating with creative individuals and innovative organizations who challenge themselves and constantly seek to enhance learning solutions and leverage augmented virtual world experiences. He recognizes that commitment, intelligence, and skill are the driving forces behind great work, and it is the love of innovation and play that leads to new discoveries and inventing the future.
A passionate and experienced author, composer, filmmaker, 3D animator, and metaverse publishing subject matter expert, he sees each project as an opportunity for creative collaboration and support of open source sustainable solutions.
This commitment to creativity and leading edge technology has taken Lou around the world. He has recorded in studios in England and Japan; taken his cameras to the Mayan pyramids in Belize & Mexico, and to the head waters of the Amazon; lectured at Carneige Mellon University and USC; interviewed visionaries like Steve Jobs, George Lucas, and Les Paul; and journeyed into cyberspace with Depak Chopra, Ray Kurzweil, and Carlos Santana.
Lou has provided 3D, asset management, HDTV, and virtual world and/or elearning production subject matter expertise to companies including ABC, ABC News, Britannica, Discovery, Walt Disney, Disney Imagineering, HBO, Island Records, Mattel, MGMm and United Artists; and to organizations including the Advanced Distance Learning Lab, Apple, MIcrosoft, Oracle, Sony, and the US Navy.
He has been privileged to provide pro bono consulting and production services to Bottom Billion, CDC Ecuador, Global Exchange, Global Flying Hospitals, the Green Festival, Peace Tour, and the Sierra Club, among others.
Lou was previously Special Effects Design at The Singularity is Near: The Movie — Kurzweil Technologies.
Read his Google+ profile, LinkedIn profile, and Meetup profile. Follow his Twitter feed.