Advisory Board

Jim Karkanias

Jim Karkanias is Advisor at Northwest Association for Biomedical Research, Board member at Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association (WBBA), and Partner, Applied Research and Technology at Microsoft. He is also an advisor to the Singularity University for the topics of medicine and neuroscience.
Jim joined Microsoft in 2006 to apply these skills in a new venture — the Health Solutions Group — which aims to revolutionize healthcare through paradigm shifting approaches that integrate next generation business, process, and technology. Four years and 57 patents later, he’s helped to create an information platform for health and lifesciences spanning the physician, the consumer, and most recently the scientist. This most recent product is notable in that it advances both storage and reasoning technologies to a new high and holds a record for the largest and quickest customer wins, totaling many tens of millions, just a few months after shipping.
His specialties include: complex software development including hands-on development and technical architecture, global operations, process engineering, and business development for large enterprises at the business, procedural and technical level, all aspects of the lifescience industry, and extensive startup expertise.
Jim has conducted research projects earlier in his career involving neuroplasticity, sensorium integration, pain modulation, cognition, memory, and network theory in classical and bioengineering contexts. He has a strong science and math background.
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