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Guido Putignano

Guido Putignano is an Entrepreneur and futurist who aims to create new therapeutics for people’s health with Synthetic Biology and Quantum Computing. He is the Italian Representative of the AI Youth Council at the World Economic Forum, Fellow at the Clinton Foundation, the Chief Executive Officer at Yealthy, Vice President at SAFES, and Alumnus at The Knowledge Society (TKS).

“Guido is a very passionate and driven innovator. He is always eager to learn and he wants to have a real impact on the world. We can all be inspired by his spirit to push things forward.”

Matteo Pacini, Futurist

In 2022, Guido was named the most influential person in Healthcare & Bio Sciences under 25 in Italy by Università Bocconi and Nova.

In May 2020, Guido became the Head of Exponential Technologies for the Environment and Health Department at SIMA, one of the leading European nonprofits on Environmental Medicine based in Milan, Italy, evaluated more than 10M euros.

In July 2020, Guido became Innovator at The Knowledge Society, a human accelerator program that introduces people to new, emerging technologies.

At the same time, Guido became Head Of the Artificial Intelligence Department at VISIONARI.

Guido has been helping the most important technological organization in Italy, promoting the responsible use of Science and Technology to improve society.

In November 2020, Guido launched Yealthy to create new therapeutics for people health with Synthetic Biology and Quantum Computing. His focus is on the older population and ageing mechanisms.

During the same period, Guido became the Italian Representative of the AI Youth Council at the World Economic Forum.

In February 2021, Guido became a Fellow at the Clinton Foundation.

After three months from that point, he became Bioneer at Biodojo, the most important organization for undergraduates in biotech.

Guido is currently doing his Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical and Medical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. He has also been continuously learning and following several Brain, Stem Cells, and Artificial Intelligence courses.

Guido has been steadily earning his reputation by giving talks and speaking publicly as well. He talked at different universities, such as the MCI in Innsbruck. He has a speaker at Campus Party Digital Edition, and he gave a TEDx speech.

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