Advisory Board

Dan Ilett

Dan Ilett is a writer and digitalist. He is Managing Partner at Erbut Ltd, Founder of Greenbang, Non-Executive Director at Tamarindo Communications, and Non-Executive Director at Mobile Industry Review 3.0. He also just launched CoinDesk, the global news resource on Bitcoin and digital currencies.
Erbut develops, tests, and fine-tunes messages to help companies win business and beat the competition. Their services and coaching have helped global enterprises win more than $1.4 billion in business in 2012 alone.
Greenbang is a leading research resource on smart technology and sustainable business.
Dan was previously Chairman at Low Carbon South West, Freelance Journalist at Financial Times, Senior Reporter at CNET Networks, Reporter at Secure Computing Magazine, Network Engineer at OM Group, and Network Engineer at NTT Europe Ltd.
Dan earned his BA in Japanese (with honors) at The University of Sheffield, UK in 1999. He also studied Japanese at Hosei University, Japan.
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