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Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem is CEO at BitInstant.
BitInstant leads the financial integration of the international, open-source Bitcoin payment network.
By enabling its customers to fund third-party exchange and payment accounts quickly and easily, BitInstant reduces the wait time associated with typical inter-system transfers. Customers use BitInstant to move their own funds from one payment provider or exchange to another, without the burdensome (and often costly) delays associated with legacy payment networks (due to banking business hour conflicts and inefficiencies, weekends and holiday delays, and poorly designed transfer systems). Customers also use BitInstant to avoid wire transfer fees and other fees derived from and reliant on legacy networks as well as for inter-market arbitrage.
By providing numerous bridges between the payment providers and exchanges, BitInstant has built its own core position in the new global Bitcoin economy.
Currently serving as CEO and cofounder of BitInstant, one of the largest, earliest, and well known alternative payment companies, Charlie used his position in both the old banking world and new alternative currency world to help pave the way for the Bitcoin economy to emerge in early 2011. Known in the Bitcoin and old hacker communities as “Yankee”, he is also founding member and current Vice Chairman of the D.C based Bitcoin Foundation. Along with Gareth Nelson, he found the need for a more secure, fast, and convenient way of transferring funds between and within payment networks around the world and leads BitInstant through the complex compliance, licensing, and regulations of the worldwide banking system.
Charlie was born, raised, and first incorporated in Brooklyn, New York before traveling the world for business opportunities. His consulting positions found him living and visiting countries such as Italy, Israel, Norway, The Netherlands, and Hong Kong and developing a well versed language speaking portfolio which includes English, Hebrew, and Arabic.
Currently residing in New York City after his successful exit from DailyCheckout he consults with dozens of businesses to manage their development and success.
Charlie earned his BS in Economics & Finance at the City University of New York–Brooklyn College in 2011.
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