Advisory Memorial Board

Austen J. Heinz

Austen J. Heinz is CEO of Cambrian Genomics.
Cambrian Genomics makes the first hardware/systems for laser printing DNA. Presently, researchers in academia and industry order or clone greater than $1 billion/year of DNA. Cambrian Genomics plans to deliver high quality sequence verified DNA to buyers in this existing/growing worldwide market.
His papers include Capillary based patterning of cellular communities in laterally open channels, Optofluidic in situ maskless lithography of charge selective nanoporous hydrogel for DNA preconcentration, Active Guidance of 3D Microstructures, and Polymer based chemical delivery to multichannel capillary patterned cells.
Watch Solve for X: Austen Heinz on democratizing creation and Dr. Omri Avirav-Drory and Austen Heinz visit Downtown Speaker Series 2.11.13. Read Bio-Hackers, Get Ready. Read his AngelList profile and his LinkedIn profile.