Advisory Memorial Board

Professor Alexander Bolonkin

Alexander Bolonkin, Ph.D. is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Space Agency, Chairman of the Space Flights section, and President of the International Association of Former Soviet Political Prisoners and Victims of the Communist Regime.
Alexander has a doctorate in Aviation Engineering from Leningrad Polytechnic University. He specializes in the fields of aviation, cosmonautics, mathematics, and computer science.
Alexander worked together with Sergei Korolev. He also worked at the Antonov aircraft construction bureau and the Glushko space rocket bureau. He taught at the most prestigious science academies of the Soviet Union. In 1972, he was arrested by the KGB for distributing the works of Andrei Sakharov and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. He spent fifteen years in exile, confined in concentration camps. During perestroika, he was released from prison. In 1987 he moved abroad.
In the U.S., he has taught at universities and worked as a senior researcher at NASA and at U.S. Air Force labs. He has authored more than 170 scientific manuscripts and books and has patented 17 inventions, of which several are now considered classified in the U.S.
In the field of cosmonautics, Alexander came up with the theories of a cable space launcher, a hypersonic tube launcher, a kinetic anti-gravitator, a multi-reflex propulsion device with engine, space towers, an electrostatic space sail, a ramjet electric space propulsion device, and the cable aviation device.
Alexander authored Non-Rocket Space Launch and Flight, Memoirs of a Soviet Political Prisoner, New Concepts, Ideas and Innovations in Aerospace, Technology and Human Science, Human Immortality and Electronic Civilization, Universe, Human Immortality, and Future Human Evaluation, and Life. Science. Future.: Biography notes, researches and innovations, and coedited Macro-Projects: Environment and Technology,
His papers include The Twenty First Century: The Advent of the Non-Biological Civilization and Immortality, Science, Soul, Heaven, and Supreme Mind, Cheap Method for Shielding a City from Rocket and Nuclear Warhead Impacts, Femtotechnology: Nuclear AB-Material with Fantastic Properties, Converting of Any Matter to Nuclear Energy by-AB-Generator, and Aerial High Altitude Gas Pipeline. Read the full list of his publications!
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